Saturday, September 29, 2012

QB Geno Smith's Vision is Artful

“His visions of things have always been beyond his years."
--Tracey Sellers said of her son, Geno Smith.

Smith is West Virginia’s quarterback and a serious Heisman Trophy contender for the ninth-ranked Mountaineers (4-0), who beat host No. 25 Baylor 70-63 on Saturday. Smith had a remarkable, video game-like 656 yards passing. He was 45 for 51 and threw for 8 touchdowns.

“On the field, he’s visualizing,” his mother said. “It’s like a puzzle, his masterpiece."

On-the-field vision requires sharp visual acuity but also requires much more.

Quarterbacks must see the field in three dimensions, in real time, as well as like in a chess match. A great quarterback also must see and anticipate several moves and plays in advance throughout the game.

Excerpt for (09/29/2012) "West Virginia Displays the Art of Quarterbacking" by Tim Rohan.

Watch the highlights and interview with Geno Smith below.

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