Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Patience Leads to Success

“You never drop a ball you take the time to catch.”
--Hall of Fame receiver Fred Biletnikoff of the Oakland Raiders.

Your success is highly dependent upon the quality of your execution. It is not always the quantity or speed of your actions that breeds success. Excellence is about the precision of your actions. Are you always rushed? When others ask how you are, do you usually tell people that you are "crazy busy?" For many, that may be impressive or a badge of courage.

However, you may be sabotaging your success by being too concerned with speed and not concerned enough with proper planning and execution.

Slow down and get more quality in your performance. You might even get some more satisfaction out of your life.

Try it.

Quotation taken from nytimes.com (09/22/2012), "Jets Rookie Wide Receiver Is in a New World of Zigs and Zags" by Ben Shpigel.

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