Sunday, June 03, 2012

Tiger Woods Tunes Up for U. S. Open with Win at Memorial

"The most unbelievable, gutsy shot I've ever seen,"
--Jack Nicklaus, famed golfer, watching Tiger putt at the 15th hole.
"Under the circumstances -- the circumstances being Tiger has been struggling -- it was either fish or cut bait," Nicklaus said later. "He had one place to land the ball. He's playing a shot that if he leaves it short, he's going to leave himself again a very difficult shot. If he hits it long, he's going to probably lose the tournament. He lands the ball exactly where it has to land. Going in the hole was a bonus. But what a shot!
"I don't think under the circumstances I've ever seen a better shot."
Woods, who finished at 9-under 279, won the Memorial for the fifth time.
Excerpt from (06/03/2012).
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