Monday, October 18, 2010

Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys Steps Up and Takes Responsibility

When the wheels on the bus start to fall off, do you take responsibility?  Many people do not.  Here is an example of someone who did.  

"I just feel terrible about it.  I just shouldn't even have put the team in a situation like that. As bad as I feel about it I've just got to do whatever I can to make it up to the team and just continue to work as hard as I can."

"And I'm the reason of that message, to be honest with you.  It's a terrible, terrible feeling. The only thing I can do is the most I can do every day to help this team out. And that is going in today, getting a workout in, watching film today, as much as I can, and just trying to make up for it."

--Miles Austin, Dallas Cowboys  wide receiver, after a loss to the Minnesota Vikings that put his team's record at 1-4 for the season.  

Austin was called for an excessive celebration penalty after a Cowboy touchdown during the game on Sunday.  This was the second penalty of this type against the Cowboys in the past two weeks.  He was also penalized for a push-off that resulted in a pass interference call in the seond quarter, nullifying a beautiful 68-yard touchdown catch.

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