Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Championship Playoff Mindset

Perhaps the Boston Celtics have something to teach businesses. Here are some interview statements from Paul Pierce, the Boston Celtic star who scored 28 points Tuesday night in a 95-92 win. The Celtics are trying to get back to the NBA Finals and win another championship as they did in 2008.

Understanding the Customer

The Boston Celtics know who their customer is.

"Our fans won't let us relax. We're going to try and close it out in four games."

--Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics, discussing the Celtic mindset after taking a 2-0 lead in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

Mindful of the Competition

The Celtics know that they can't relax even with a leg up on the competition.

"[I] just think our mindset was to be ready for the type of intensity they would bring after losing at home," Pierce said. "We know the Magic are a talented team and we won't take these two wins for granted."

Dealing with Complacency

The Celtics realize that there is a bigger prize to be sought.

"The feeling of the team right now is just focus," Pierce said. "[The] only thing we did was win two games."

Does your organization have the same championship mindset? Are you effectively dealing with focus, complacency, and your competition? Is your organization mentally ready?

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