Friday, November 06, 2009

The Owner of the New York Yankees Acknowledges the Champions

"The Steinbrenner Family and the Yankees Organization are extremely proud of the members of the 2009 New York Yankees for bringing a 27th World Championship to New York City and our fans, the greatest fans in the world. Every World Series victory is special, but this one is especially sweet coming in the first year in our new home.

"The 2009 New York Yankees proved that we are the best in baseball. We beat truly worthy opponents in the American League Division Series, the American League Championship Series and the World Series. As we did all season long, we fought hard, never lost focus and gave a true team victory. Our players have a lot to be proud of. This group will become legendary -- similar to the 26 World Championship teams that preceded them.

"Joe Girardi and his team deserve great credit for racking up wins over a long, tough season.

"We are so grateful to our fans. They have never wavered in their faith or enthusiasm through the good and bad years. This World Series belongs to them and to all Yankees, past, present and future."

--George Steinbrenner, New York Yankees' owner.

It is clear that the championship grew out of a vision, confidence, a need to prove their abilities and meet a challenge, a family atmosphere, a sense of belonging and teamwork, perseverence, pride, focus, and passion. This is a successful formula for championships. Congratulations to the New York Yankees.

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