Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Ultimate “Kein Ayin Hora”: The Clipper Curse aka Klipper Karma Lives On

“Kein ayin hora !!"or "Kenahora !!"...It literally means "There is no evil eye" or “without the evil eye” in Yiddish. It is said after complimenting, as in “not to jinx it.” It's a response to someone saying something that, if it would happen, would be very,very good or very,very bad.

And, so, here is an excerpts from an NBA season preview article “Welcome to the NBA Preview" by Bill Simmons from October 23, 2009, The article discusses Blake Griffin, the NBA Los Angeles Clippers rookie and the first draft choice of the 2009 NBA draft.

Flicking channels earlier this week, I stumbled across a Clips preseason game and ended up watching the first half for my first taste of the Griffin Era. You know what? Blake Griffin is just good. It's one thing to talk about it, think about it, sketch out the fake lineups … but you can't really know until you watch a blue-chip rookie play with NBA guys for the first time. Even if it's the preseason. It's a series of tiny checkmarks on an unofficial mental list.

Does he look like he belongs? Do things come easy for him? Does he have the right level of confidence? Athletically, can you see that elite DNA at all times? Does he have an innate feel for the game? Could you see him becoming a star? Is he compelling to watch? Does he seem like a good guy? Does he know how to rotate on D? Does he help instinctively when his teammate gets beat? Does he look like an professional out there?

Griffin nailed every checkmark for me. All of them. He's just good. He's a pro. You know it when you see it. You would want to play with Blake Griffin.

Now …

I hate the lottery system because it puts good rookies on bad teams, then expects them to turn those teams around. Sometimes it happens; other times it doesn't. But those young players end up assuming an enormous amount of pressure during a point in their career where, actually, they'd be much better off blending in with a good team and easing along into whatever they end up being. Of the past 15 years of blue-chippers, only Duncan and Kobe were given this luxury. Griffin is the luckiest blue-chipper since them: not only does he play for a potential playoff team, but he doesn't have to fight with someone for minutes or carry the scoring load. He just has to worry about running the floor, rebounding and finishing. A cushy situation, to say the least. For once, it appears as if becoming a Clipper was the BEST thing that could have happened to someone.

(Note: Please don't e-mail this paragraph to me in three weeks if Blake is rolling around on the floor holding his right ankle. Thank you.)

Cut to October 27, 2009: Yahoo……..

Headline: Clippers Lose Griffin to Broken Kneecap

LOS ANGELES -- Blake Griffin's NBA debut has been pushed back indefinitely after the Los Angeles Clippers revealed late Monday night that their No. 1 overall draft pick has a broken left kneecap.

The stress fracture could sideline the Oklahoma star for six weeks, the team announced, promising further information Tuesday.

Griffin, who averaged 13.7 points and 8.1 rebounds per game during the preseason, won't be in the Clippers' lineup when they face the Lakers in their opener Tuesday night, and he could be out much longer. The Clippers play 20 games in their first six weeks of the regular season.

Griffin apparently broke his kneecap during the Clippers' final exhibition game against New Orleans last Friday, perhaps after a dunk that left the power forward wincing in pain. The team initially said Griffin only had a sore left knee, making him questionable for the opener, before revealing the break.

The Clippers had planned on passing out Blake Griffin jerseys at the game.
Do we blame Bill Simmons? Some fans blame the frugal , long-suffering, and insufferable Clippers owner, Donald Sterling? I say bring on the exorcism. By the way, the Clippers lost to the Lakers in the opener. There is an evil eye.

What is the antedote, you ask? Spit three times...pfft....pfft....pfft. That should take care of it!
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