Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chad Pennington, Miami Dolphins

"Winning is a habit. You have to practice the winning. You can't say, 'We'll pick it up in the regular season.' Good teams don't have a split where they turn it on and turn it off. They're on all the time. That's a habit we're trying to form."

--Chad Pennington, newly announced starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

"Fro the day he got here, just the demeanor and the way guys are motivated, has changed a lot. He brought the leadership that we've been missing at the quarterback position. Believe me, he tells you if you can do something better."

--Derek Hagen, wide receiver, Miami Dolphins.

“From the very first snap in practice, you could feel his confidence. It helped all of us to believe in ourselves, to believe in what we can do as an offense and as a team.”

--Ricky Williams, running back, Miami Dolphins.

Pennington, formerly of the New York Jets, was obtained by the Dolphins after eight seasons (five playoff games) with the Jets.

Excerpts from the New York Times, 8/26/08 & 9/4/08.
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